What is the Knaukey app?

The Knaukey app is a website and app that connects individuals and nonprofits, as well as faith-based organizations, for the purpose of volunteer opportunities, advertising events and expressing needs in various areas.

Where is Knaukeyheadquarters located?

Atlanta, GA

Is the Knaukey app free?

Yes, registration for the platform on the website and app are free.

How can I collaborate with Knaukey as an organization?

There are many ways to collaborate with Knaukey. Below are the following options for both individuals and organizations:

• Blog and thought leadership
• Submit events
• Provide opportunities for volunteering or resources
• Letting organizations know of your interest to volunteer
• Expressing a need for resources

If I want to volunteer, will the organizations contact me immediately?

We encourage organizations that create an account to communicate within 48 hours with those looking for resources or providing volunteer assistance.

What do the hands mean on the posts?

The raised This means you are interested in volunteering.

Is Knaukey only for faith-based organizations and nonprofits?

Yes, the vision of Knaukey is to provide nonprofits and faith-based organizations with their own platform and way to connect with others.

What advertising options does Knaukey offer?

There are several opportunities to sponsor or advertise with Knaukey.

Is there a fee to promote my volunteer opportunity on the Knaukey app?

No. Any organization can promote their events and volunteer opportunities.

How do I find opportunities in my area using the Knaukey app?

The location feature is always available, but can be controlled within your phone setting features. If you need assistance, make sure your location feature is activated on your phone for the Knaukey app. In addition, the calendar shows events within 90 miles of your current location.</div?

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